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SmartCone's Edge Computing & IBM Edge Application Manager Deliver Real Time Analysis & Insights

With the recent press release from IBM about New Edge Computing Solutions for the 5G Era, I wanted to offer a quick overview of how SmartCone Technologies, Inc. integrates with leading edge systems to solve customer needs. SmartCone brings powerful computing to the edge using its patented Click-IoT platform. With capabilities including long range wireless, positioning, sensor fusion and AI video analysis, SmartCone revolutionizes what is possible on the edge. We bring the data center to your doorstep. IBM edge computing and IOT solutions work with SmartCone's independent and resilient edge computing. On one end, we are able to handle workloads on-premises, reducing latency, data costs and system complexity, while on the other side, IBM's edge and cloud computing solutions can data-mine powerful insights and create single pane of glass dashboards. Why compromise with a traditional solution, when SmartCone can solve complex problems at the source leveraging technology from IBM. Check out IBM's latest blog post referencing IBM Edge Application Manager with 20 IBM Edge Ecosystem participants, of which SmartCone is proud to be one.

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