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Press Release: Return to Work' Solutions Will Be Key to Reviving the Global Economy

Return to Work' Solutions Will Be Key to Reviving the Global Economy and Enabling Peace of Mind

OTTAWA, Ontario, April 20, 2020 /CNW/ -- The SmartCone 19 Task Force, an international collaboration of technology companies dedicated to providing a safe, secure and protected work environment for both employees and employers, understands people need to work so they can provide for their families and keep the economy stimulated. But without a safe plan, many are uneasy to work at their essential jobs or return once their non-essential companies open back up. The solution put technology on the front line. SmartCone's "Return to Work" (R2W) solution provides a closed-loop, end-to-end mobility system that can track employees and keep them safe as they go to and from work. 

The closed-loop system includes: 

  • At-home health station for personalized health monitoring. 

  • Intelligent public transit with thermal scanning and disinfection systems paired with SmartCone's Artificial Intelligence to monitor safe distancing. 

  • At the office, factory or plant, checkpoint stations are installed to provide high-speed scanning for everyone entering the workplace. 

  • R2W then extends into the workplace by tracking people to ensure safe physical distancing through wearables to include contact tracing and advanced monitoring.  

  • Routine disinfection procedures will be recorded and stored. 

"Our mission has always been to collaborate and integrate existing solutions from sensors to AI to dashboards in a meaningful and useful way quickly," said CEO and founder Jason Lee. "In fact, that is why we created SmartCone to provide a rapid deployment ecosystem to address real-world problems. And I think the current situation qualifies." In the past 18 months, SmartCone has demonstrated the ability to deliver innovative and patented solutions in security, transportation, logistics, health and tracking based on its IoT communication, identification, sensing, monitoring and AI analytics technologies to include two iterations of this solution:

  • Mobile Response Unit with LTE-powered Wi-Fi Access Points in New Mexico;

  • High-accuracy thermal cameras for automated group temperature readings at a nuclear facility.

SmartCone is dedicated to finding relevant technologies to further the fight against COVID-19 and bring safety solutions to the world over. If you know a technology that can help, please contact us.

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