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According to a Feb. 25 notice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “[n]ow is the time" for businesses to prepare for the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

COVID-19 remains a global threat, but we can all take steps in our own lives to reduce the likelihood of transmission. Rather than wait for a worst-case scenario, SmartCone believes in leading the charge against this disease by taking pro-active actions that will reduce the likelihood of person-to-person transmission. Our goal is to protect our community and health infrastructure. In that context, we are implementing real-world best practices to reduce the risk of exposure to staff, business partners, and the public in the following manner:

- SmartCone Technologies Inc. has created a COVID-19 Task Force to stay ahead of any potential issues, delays or impacts to their employees, families, staff members, customers and suppliers.

- This taskforce will also create a COVID-19 precaution policy document.

- Throughout SmartCone until further notice, employees will work remotely wherever possible.

- For those who must visit the office, they will find all work areas and common spaces regularly deep-cleaned.

- Employees with potential exposure are instructed to self-quarantine and to contact the proper health authorities.

- Additionally, we have instructed employees and executives to avoid travel in general in order to ensure we do not unintentionally become a vector for contagion within our community.

- Meetings will be conducted online wherever possible, and we will limit in-person meetings to those deemed absolutely necessary.

Thankfully, due to the world’s great interconnectivity, working remotely for most of us is possible and therefore the best action to take. We believe that practicing temporary social distancing, including working remotely, is the best way to prevent sickness in ourselves and those in our community, and in all our business dealings we will act in a manner that helps reduce human-to-human transmission of COVID-19.”


Jason Lee, CEO

Tenille Houston, Chief Operating Officer

Jacques Yves Guigné, Chief Scientist

Bruce Lilly, Innovation Project Manager

Harry Andrei, Lead Software Architect

C. Social Considerations

a. Social distancing includes refraining from shaking hands or hugging, as well as refraining from attending large gatherings. In general, SmartCone employees are encouraged to practice “social distancing” techniques, in following with best practices communicated by health authorities to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

D. Work

a. Employees of SmartCone are to work remotely.

b. Rather than in-person meetings, in all possible scenarios the SmartCone team will be using the telephone or TEAMS via Outlook to communicate, including chat and video-conferencing, to schedule and conduct regular business.

c. The office will be regularly cleaned by a cleaning staff so that those who must attend, such as to undertake manufacturing or assembly work, are met with clean conditions.

d. Signs will be posted at the SmartCone office regarding hand sanitation and respiratory etiquette and/or other prevention strategies found to be relevant to the route of infection of the coronavirus.

E. Travel

a. Travel on SmartCone business is restricted until further notice.

b. Those who choose to travel on personal grounds or who live with someone who does must not come to the SmartCone Office for at least fourteen (14) days.

F. Regular Meetings

a. Because there is a lack of human-to-human contact, there is a risk that communication will suffer.

b. As a mitigation strategy for this risk, on Mondays, a weekly “orientation” meeting will take place where priorities for the coming week are set.

c. On Fridays, a back- and forward-looking meeting will take place where progress is noted and any concerns fielded.

d. The SmartCone team will meet (virtually) on a weekly basis to discuss the current condition surrounding the pandemic COVID-19 and its potential affects to business and health.

e. During these meetings, the group will assess any needed variances from the current policies.

f. In this meeting staff will also keep each other educated on new exposure risks, symptoms, and prevention practices as they become available.

G. Contractors

a. Contractors will in all possible cases interact in a virtual manner.

b. To ensure staff and others are not at risk, all contractors will be instructed to refrain from attending meetings with SmartCone if they have travelled out of the country in the last 14 days or live with someone who has, or if they are presenting mild fever, cough, or other symptoms related to COVID-19.

H. Materials Handling

a. Current health advice suggests the risk of contracting the virus from a package is very low.

b. Still, when any product is ordered and delivered to SmartCone offices, the box containing the product will be wiped down and the product itself will be left inside for a period of 24 hours.

I. Updates

a. These policies will be updated as new information becomes available.

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