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A Glimpse into SmartCone's History from our CEO

So much has happened since we first created TheSmartCone. It all started on an airport ramp at a private airport in Florida. We discovered that the Fixed Based Operators (FBO) were required to put 36 inch safety cones around every plane on the airport ramp for safety. It dawned on us that the cones were empty.

We immediately put a plan together to put technology inside the cones and TheSmartCone was born. We knew that the actual safety cone was just a wrapper, a familiar object that people could relate to.

For a long time we struggled with the name SmartCone. We didn't want people to think we were cone company. We finally gave up as the name SmartCone was catchy and there are thousands of applications that use safety cones. We realize that our technology is actually a tube... who wants to buy SmartTube?! ;)

Now TheSmartCone is deployed in a variety of applications from security to asset tracking to intelligent transportation. It continues to be an amazing ride.

I wanted to share the picture that changed our lives together. This was the photo we used to invent TheSmartConeTM and now we are doing so much more. See all the cones around the jets!

"Sometimes a great idea is right in front of you. It's all about taking action and making the most of it." Jason Lee


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