How It Works

Powered by our unique software, PATRIoT™, with modular sensor options and edge computing capabilities, TheSmartCone™ is the cost-effective solution you have been searching for.


SmartCone’s IoT technology creates robust, on-premises networks with a wide range of sensors providing critical data that fuse and process sensor data. TheSmartCone™ has fog computing capabilities which streamline this data for immediate delivery, locally and over the Internet, saving you time and money.


We provide a wide range of detection methods as we can integrate almost any third party sensor on the market today into our modular platform. 

Detection Methods

Video Cameras

License Plate Recognition


Artificial Intelligence

Motion Sensors

LiDAR - Distance Measuring

Multigas Detectors


Facial & Gender Recognition


Air Quality

Solar Loading

Alert Methods

The SmartCone™ IoT FusionCore combines data from the sensors and generates alarms based on user configurable thresholds. Multi-dimensional alarming ensures TheSmartCone™ uses every possible method to alert the public and/or employees.

Text | Telephone | Email Notifications

Custom Audio Messages

Wireless Emergency Alert

Alarm Zones with Many Smartcones

Flashing LED Lights

Pre-recorded Sounds from Speakers

Potential Through Emergency Broadcast System

Location Independent Sensors

Digital Signs

Vibrating Wearable Devices

Customizable Alarms & Alarm Zones

TheSmartCone™ mesh network is self-healing and self-managed: if one cone breaks down or if the Internet connection is delayed or interrupted, the network can still operate.

 Multiple power options are available as well to include solar making TheSmartCone™ solution completely self-powered, self-functioning, and reliable.