Smart, IoT-based safety and monitoring Solutions for securing vulnerable and hazardous zones, large and small.

SmartCone Solutions combine IoT technology with the rich selection of sensors and alert mechanisms available today to create an intelligent and completely scalable safety and monitoring solution.

The high-tech detection and early warning system is safer, less expensive, and more productive than a human or physical barrier, and provides mission-critical feedback to people in the area and any personnel that need to be notified.

Safety personnel can get full visibility to the scene with advanced remote viewing capabilities. The M2M and data mesh architecture make the solution affordable and deployable anywhere, on almost any scale.

Extreme reliability and deployability

SmartCone’s IoT technology creates robust, on-premises networks — with a wide range of sensors providing critical data — that fuse and process sensor data. The SmartCone’s fog computing capabilities streamline this data for immediate delivery, locally and over the Internet, saving you time and money.

The SmartCone mesh network is self-healing and self-managed: if one cone breaks down or if Internet connection is delayed or interrupted, the network can still operate. A solar power option — the SmartCone Juizebox — is available for making a SmartCone solution completely self-powered, self-functioning, and reliable.

Huge range of detection methods available

  • Video cameras
  • Motion sensors
  • Facial and gender recognition
  • License plate recognition
  • LIDAR - trip wire/distance measuring
  • Seismic
  • Windspeed
  • Multigas detectors, toxic and/or slightly toxic
  • Air quality: ozone, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrous oxide
  • Temperature + variances in
  • Others

The SmartCone IoT FusionCore combines data from multiple sensors and generates an alarm based on user configurable thresholds. Multi-dimensional alarming ensures SmartCones use every possible method to alert the public and/or employees.

Alert methods

  • Text, telephone, and/or email notification
  • Flashing LED lights, of any color (usually red and green)
  • Digital signs
  • Custom audio messages uploaded on the fly
  • Pre-recorded sounds from speakers, such as a warning message, alarm bells or sirens
  • Vibrating wrist devices
  • Potential for wireless emergency alert
  • Potential broadcast through emergency broadcast system
  • Customizable alarms and alarm zones
  • Option to create an alarm zone amongst several or many SmartCones
  • Location-independent: sensors can be placed in one area and alarms placed in another


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